Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update from Wheaties Forever Home!

That Wheaties, he's such a beautiful dog! I have attached some pics of him. He is in the middle of the three dogs in those pics. I'm sure you can tell. He is my hairy son! I love him to pieces, he is gentle, laid back, yet funny personality and he smiles! Cutest little thing. He is also the softest short haired dog I have ever felt. He's awesome! Thanks.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Wheaties is a little more independent then his siblings but none the less is a very happy go lucky boy. He is currently learning come, sit, and is working on his leash manners but those darn leaves blowing by sure are a distraction. Whenever he is in the yard he is looking for the birds. He walks outside and stands there to see if he can see any. Once he has located them all, he'll do his business all the while bird watching. He is a very curious little boy. He will need to have a playmate at his furever home as he loves to run laps around the house chasing his foster sister Emy and then tackling her on the dog bed. When it is time for bed, he will cuddle up right next to you and sleep! He is the sweetest little boy that exsisted and really would like to find his furever home.


Hi, It's me Wheaties. I'm still here and I have no idea why. I'm this
little puppy that loves to wrestle and play. I've discovered how fun it is
to retrieve the tennis ball from under the bed. I will roll it under there
and then have to crawl on my belly to get it. For some reason this makes
my foster mom and dad laugh! Apparently they think I'm the cutest,
snuggliest thing on the planet because my foster mom keeps hugging me and
kissing on me. I pretend not to enjoy it, but secretly, I love it! I sure
would like to snuggle up with you at night what do you say?

Friday, March 2, 2007

Wheaties has a girl friend!

Alright, yes, Wheaties is very young---but he DOES already have his first girlfriend.
Her name is Emy and she's a gorgeous German Shorthair Pointer girl and a fellow IBR foster pup---and Wheaties is very smitten.
Those two love to wrestle to their hearts' content.
Their foster mom reports:

"He LOVES Ms. Emy Brigitta and the two of them are chewing on each other. He is WONDERFUL! They are at Brudney Puppy Care for the days when I am at work having a great time! On 02-27-07 he had his neuter, eye surgery, microchip, and tooth extracted and although he was tired the rest of the day, today he and Emy were wrestling.. Puppies are so resilient."

A very sweet boy!

It didn't take long for Wheaties to steal everybody's heart.
His foster mom writes: "Wheaties is 98% housebroken and he does go to the door when he wants to go out." He's also a very birdy boy.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wheaties is heading to Illinois

Little Wheaties made to journey to Illinois for his upcoming surgery--and got to meet some nice people and pups along the way.

They made a pit stop in Amy's yard along the way--and Wheaties got to romp around with Gidget, Jersey Girl---and host dog Socrates for a while.